My Little Friday Morning Ritual

I like to think I’m a fairly smart food shopper. I stock up on pantry staples when they go on sale, and I make an effort to choose in-season fruits and vegetables. I only buy what I know I can eat before it goes bad, and as my friends and family will tell you, I’m extremely proud of my ability to use up every last scrap of food. Sure, my method makes for some strange meal combinations when the fridge begins to dwindle, but if a meal is filling and reasonably nutritious, I’m not too picky.

Moving in with a boy (man?) really threw my system for a loop. Now that I’m cooking for two, I’ve become more conscious of my “recipes”. Throwing a bunch of odds and ends into a bowl and calling it dinner might be fine for one person, but my live-in guest was less than impressed.

Meal Planning


When I go grocery shopping these days, I try to have a game plan in mind for dinners during the week. Ginger apple porkchops on Monday, crockpot beef stew for Tuesday, turkey chili on Wednesday, etc. Are you noticing a theme here?


I have no issues with meat, but I will say I ate a lot less of it before moving in with Stephen. My muscles are pretty content with this dietary change, but my wallet has been less than pleased.

Enter couponing.

Randalls $5 Friday

A few weeks ago, before trashing the sales circulars cluttering my mailbox, I caught sight of the Randalls $5 Friday flyer. Among several items, the promotion featured 3lb. packages of Jennie-O lean ground turkey. THREE pounds of ground turkey for $5? You had me at hello.

And so my little Friday morning ritual began.

Every Friday, for about a month now, I’ve been waking up to go grocery shopping at 6:30 AM. Before you call me crazy, you should know that I’m normally up at that hour, even on weekends. Yes, I’m one of those people who rises with the sun every day and is happy about it. Randalls $5 deals are only valid on Friday, and I’d rather take care of my errands before work than after. Friday afternoons are for happy hour, not food shopping. Duh.

Randalls App

I actually really enjoy my Friday morning trips. I don’t do a huge shop; I generally just buy a few sale items. Randalls has a handy little app that makes the whole couponing experience pretty painless. You can use it to store coupons from the flyers, load “Just for U” digital coupons from your club card, and create a shopping list. It makes me feel victorious to exit the store with $30 of meat and frozen produce, for which I only paid $17. Sometimes I make a game of it; if I save more than I spend, I buy a latte from my favorite coffee shop on the way home.

I get my thrills from grocery shopping. What a nerd. But at least I’m a nerd with a happy wallet.

Do you clip coupons? Are there any errands or chores you secretly delight in doing?

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