Monday Memory: Hamilton Pool and Enchanted Rock in November 2011

I read a lot of blogs. One of my favorites is meals & moves. I love Janetha’s writing style, and her snack-bar-hoarding Basset Hound Randy is quite possibly the most hilarious dog on the internet.

Every now and then, Janetha writes a “flashback friday” post. I think it’s a great idea; why only blog about the present? Stephen and I have been living in Texas for nearly a year now, and we’ve visited a lot of neat places worth sharing. I plan to write about a few of these adventures as random “Monday Memory” posts. Thanks for the inspiration, Janetha!

If you read my recap of Labor Day weekend, you saw a few photos of Hamilton Pool. This nature preserve is one of our favorite spots in the Hill Country outside Austin. Stephen and I last visited in November 2011. It looks a little different at that time of year…

Colorful fall foliage at Hamilton Pool outside Austin

I’d forgotten how pretty the trees looked. I should really stop whining about how I miss the fall. The leaves might not be as vibrant as they are on the East Coast and the temperature is a bit different, but autumn in Texas is still perfectly wonderful.

View of the swimming hole at Hamilton Pool

Hamilton Pool is most popular during the summer, when you can swim and lay out, but it’s a great day trip during any time of year. In November, we were pretty much the only people there. It was very peaceful and serene.

Windy day at Hamilton Pool

And windy! You can’t really tell in this photo, but my hair was blowing all over the place.

View from the inside of the cave at Hamilton Pool

Texas Cacti at Hamilton Pool

Hah, this picture will always make me smile. On our way back to the car, Stephen made me stop and take a picture of this cactus. He was living in College Station at the time and had yet to see rural Texas countryside. I assured him cacti are like weeds in the Hill Country, but he insisted it deserved a picture. And so I give you Stephen’s first cactus.

Texas hill country near Enchanted Rock

We were apparently feeling pretty ambitious that day, because Stephen and I ventured out to Enchanted Rock for the afternoon. We snapped the above picture on the west side of the Loop Trail. I think it was around this time that Stephen happily sighed, “I finally feel like I’m in Texas.” College Station isn’t very impressive, folks. Sorry, Aggies.

Posing with a boulder at Enchanted Rock

Interesting rock at Enchanted Rock state park in Texas

Blue skies above Enchanted Rock in Texas

Unidentified animal skeleton at Enchanted Rock in Texas

Enchanted Rock as seen from park trail

We took our time circling the park along the Loop Trail and eventually made our way up Enchanted Rock and Little Rock.

It’s a big park; there are a lot of trails and rocks to explore.

View from the top of Enchanted Rock in Texas

Enchanted Rock might not look too tall from the ground, but I assure you the climb will get your heart pumping.

Climbing Enchanted Rock

Stephen agrees. C’mon, honey, I’m waaitting…

Enchanted Rock Top View

Beat you to the top! Not that we were racing or anything…

My pictures end there, but I remember that we also snuck in some bouldering and climbing before sunset. On the way home, we swung through Marble Falls to meet my uncle for dinner at Blue Bonnet Cafe. I love that place and remember it from summer visits to my grandmother’s house on Lake LBJ as a kid.

If you have the chance to visit Marble Falls, stop in and eat a piece of pie the size of your head.

Just do it.

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