Proud Homeowners

It’s been 7 days since my last post… oops!

I’m actually sort of surprised it hasn’t been longer. The past two weeks have been so busy that I’ve completely lost track of time. The upside is that I have a lot of news to share. Where to begin?

First Time Homeowners

Eh, shucks to the build-up. I’m jumping right to the climax. Stephen and I closed on our first home yesterday! Finally. If you’ve had a conversation with me in, oh, the past five weeks, I’m sure you learned more about our mortgage process and my stress levels than you ever cared to know. Sorry about that.

I’ve heard mortgages are tough, but of course I managed to convince myself that ours would be different. If I kept our papers organized, returned calls quickly and submitted forms and documents without delay, I thought the process would surely be a breeze. Oh, how wrong I was.

There’s really no need to rehash the details here. It’s over, and we have our house. That’s all that matters, right?

Thanks to our very understanding and flexible sellers, we were actually able to move in last Friday, in advance of closing. With the exception of a fun adventure on Saturday which I’ll write about later, we spent the entire weekend packing boxes, moving boxes, unpacking boxes, cleaning, and taking multiple trips to Lowes.

SUDS letters in washroom

A hint regarding Saturday’s adventure.

It was well worth the effort to feel settled and relaxed on Sunday night.

Tomorrow, we leave for Charleston, South Carolina to attend my cousin’s wedding and spend some time with family. We’re both very excited to sneak in a short vacation and get out of town.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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