Braving Antique Weekend in Warrenton

Remember this picture?

SUDS letters in washroom

I still owe you the scoop on SUDS!

A few weeks ago, my Aunt Nancy invited me to join her for a day of treasure hunting in Warrenton during Antique Weekend. I’m still pretty new to the whole Texas antique scene, but I’d heard about Antique Weekend before. It’s a BIG  deal. Twice a year (typically the first week of October and the first week of April), Warrenton and several other towns between Houston and Austin host these sprawling fairs, welcoming thousands of antique dealers. Round Top seems to be the center of the action, but Warrenton, Shelby, Fayetteville, Oldenburg, Rutersville and Carmine have become big hubs too.

On Saturday morning, our group of 6 (my aunt and uncle, my cousin, his girlfriend, a family friend and myself) met in La Grange to grab a cup of coffee and consolidate cars. By 9:30 we were patiently sitting in traffic just outside Warrenton.

Nancy warned me about the size of it all, but I was still completely overwhelmed when we arrived. Vendors tents and trailers stretched at least a couple miles in all directions, selling anything and everything you can imagine. I think you could walk for 5 days and still not see it all.

rows of vendor booths at outdoor junk fair in warrenton

pink trailer at warrenton antique and junk fair

Warrenton antique fair crowds

Having just moved into our house the day before, I was excited to zone out, wander and relax my brain for a bit. I think that was probably the best mindset I could have had. If I’d arrived with a specific mission (example- find a bedroom dresser) in mind, I think I would have felt too daunted to even leave the car.

We grabbed breakfast tacos, agreed on a meeting point for lunch, and parted ways into a sea of tents.

fun letters and decor at warrenton junk fair

letters and signs at warrenton junk fair

Almost immediately, we came upon the spot where Nancy found a bunch of old neon letters during her visit last spring. She bought five at that time to spell out her name, and she has them displayed in her office.

Her boss really likes how they look, so he asked her to bring back letters for the agency this time. I think we spent a good hour there, digging around for the perfect “E”, brainstorming words and trying out different combinations.

I really wanted to get some for the house, but I wasn’t sure which room to put them in. I considered ZZZ, SLEEPY and DREAM for the guest bedroom before deciding that Stephen might not be as crazy about them as I was. SUDS seemed like a good compromise, because I knew he wouldn’t have a strong opinion about laundry room decor. There’s a lot of unused shelf space in there, and I thought the bright colors would liven up an otherwise boring room.

Decisions made, we paid for our letters (thank you again for the wonderful housewarming gift, Nancy!) and continued on our way.

When I say that you can buy anything at this fair, I mean it. Even rabbit skulls…

animal skulls at junk fair

warrenton antique fair junk cars

texas condom boxes

antiques at warrenton texas show

antique furniture at the warrenton antique fair

Before too much longer, it was time to head home.

I’m already looking forward to going back in the spring, when I have a better idea of what we still need for the house. I recommend you check it out too. Bring plenty of water, snacks and sunscreen. A handheld GPS unit and wagon aren’t bad ideas either.

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