My Singular Goal for 2013

Most years, I have no problem jotting down a long list of resolutions in my journal. Complete a triathlon. Save X number of dollars. Visit a foreign country.

I like to set goals. I like to make lists. I like to cross things off said lists.

So, when the calendar year rolled over last week, I was surprised by how unenthusiastic I felt about the notion of setting New Years resolutions.

It wasn’t until I read Tina‘s post about her “word of the year” that I finally gained some clarity on my goals for the year ahead.

A few years ago I heard about the idea of choosing a word as a theme for the upcoming year instead of a long list of New Years resolutions. The word should encompass many other goals and areas of life, but allow more focus by having the sole word at the forefront of your mind.

Her concept of choosing a single goal, a theme for the year, really appealed to me.

You see, I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed lately. Not by any single thing in particular, but by a bunch of little things. And they’re all little things that shouldn’t be a source of stress: reading books, seeing friends, rock climbing, household chores, work, blogging, exercising, watching television, browsing the internet, craft projects, spending time with Stephen, home improvements.

All of these things are completely manageable on their own, and all of them typically bring me enjoyment. It’s just that lately, I’ve found myself trying to do them all at once and doing none of them particularly well.

It’s stressing me out. And it’s silly. So I’m going to break the habit.

2013 will be my year of singletasking.

Singletasking is a made-up word, but I’m sure you understand its meaning. It’s the opposite of multitasking.


In 2013 (and hopefully in subsequent years), I’m going to make a concerted effort to do less. Well, to do less at one time.

I’m going to stop thinking about chores and taxes and bills while at work. I’m going to stop blogging and browsing the internet on my phone while watching television or enjoying a movie with Stephen. And I’m going to stop texting and answering emails while driving. My parents both work in insurance; that last one was hard to type.

I know that I’ll always wish for more hours in a day, and I’m sure that I’ll always feel like I’m neglecting one hobby in favor of another, but I think I’ll find more joy in each task if I can focus and quiet the chatter in my head.

Here’s to doing less, better. Best wishes for a happy and successful 2013.

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  1. Now And Jen

     /  January 10, 2013

    Great word. Mine is ENERGY. 🙂


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